David Tutera Shoes!

My bride Monique has a great sense of fashion! Every time I see her she looks fabulous & extremely well put together so it was no surprise to see her wearing David Tutera shoes with gorgeous BLING! I didn’t become a wedding photographer until after I was already married which is a total bummer for me because I am constantly seeing such cute ideas & wishing I would have done it! So yes I will live on through my brides & share the awesome stuff I see at weddings with all of you unmarried women out there. Personalized shoes are just so awesome especially if you are a shoe person. Typically a Bride only wears her wedding shoes once and then they are saved as a keepsake so why not make them extra gorgeous! Just love this idea so much! It not only looks good on you, but it looks great in pictures. Tell me what you think about personalized shoes?

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