My name is Sheri Sahakian I have always been an artistic individual since childhood. I love to draw, play guitar, and sing but most of all I love taking pictures. I left nursing school in 2009 and began pursuing my true passion as a Photographer. I realized life was too short to not do what I love the most! Taking pictures to me is so amazing because you are not only capturing an image but you are capturing the emotions that are associated with that image. Whenever I look at an old photo of myself, friends, or family I remember how I felt that day and how things were in my life at that particular time. I love taking photos for weddings because I am able to stop time with my camera and the couple can then cherish those memories for a lifetime by looking at their pictures. When I see that my clients are happy it brings me so much joy and makes my job feel more like pure fun rather than work. I also specialize in Family / Lifestyle Photography. I am truly passionate about what I do and I love not only serving my clients but often times befriending them. If you want to experience me behind the lens or just ask questions please contact me.
About Sheri Sahakian