Choosing the Right Pastor/ Officiant

The Pastor/ Officiant who performs your Wedding Ceremony can have a huge impact on how your guests will remember your wedding! From my personal experience it makes all the difference in the world when the Pastor/ Officiant knows the Bride & Groom on a deeper level. I have been to so many weddings and I have realized that the ceremonies that I enjoy the most are the ones where the Pastor’s are telling stories and relating scripture to fit both the Bride and Groom’s personality. It is so refreshing to see the friendship and love that the Pastor has for the Bride and Groom because it is genuine. Pastor Phil Sanchez from regenerate church performed Salina and Ryan’s wedding ceremony. It was beautiful, intimate, fun, and heartfelt. You could see the connection that he had with them and it was so touching.  If you decide to hire a Wedding Officiant online my advice would be to get to know them a little so they can relate to you on your wedding day and make it a unique experience! A special shout out to Pastor Phil Sanchez for doing such a wonderful job at this wedding & really making it memorable for us all!

<3 Sheri Sahakian

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